Our Company


Our parent company, Progressive Group, was founded in 1991. Progressive Group began in the networking and designing of infrastructure, specifically for K-12 schools and higher education environments. In the beginning, our company primarily focused on offering data, voice, and fiber optic cabling solutions for school districts.

Throughout its 26-years of business, Progressive Group has evolved into a company that provides people with solutions throughout their lifetime, from kindergarten to the workforce and into retirement. We are committed to providing unmatched communication solutions to our customers. The Educational Technology Division within Progressive offers the ProClass solutions, specifically designed with educators, speakers, and businesses in mind.

Our Promise

The Progressive Government solution by Progressive Communications promises to collaborate with you to design and develop solutions aligned with your organization’s vision and mission. We strive to provide solutions, designed by educators, that are open, scalable, customizable, and affordable. We want to enable your organization to transform its training and learning culture so it engages and empowers all learners, preparing them for success in an ever-changing future.

Who We Are

Our team is made up of engineers, developers, and educators with decades of real classroom experience, as well as hands on involvement in the implementation of classroom audio, video, and interactive solutions. We are passionate about partnering with trainers, educators, and other individuals to assist you in meeting your goals. Here at Progressive, we provide our services completely in-house, giving organizations confidence that every step of the process will be taken care of by the same team.

Our team is capable of providing the development, configuration, installation, implementation, and training for each of the devices and services your company needs. The Progressive Team has all the necessary resources to help you achieve the maximum benefit from our products. We even have financing options available, allowing you to create a plan to implement the technology your organization would most benefit from while allowing you to stay in control of a consistent budget.